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The step by step fitment process of a permanent denture at Dental Implanter is mentioned here below:

  • Clinical Assessment: At Dental Implanter, our team of dental professionals assess the oral health of the candidate to chart out & to plan the treatment program and also discuss the treatment options with the candidate before taking digital & manual impressions of the mouth & teeth.
  • Digital Planning & Designing: After the impressions are taken, our technical team does the digital planning and designing of the dental implant by using advanced 3D CAD/CAM software to create virtual 3D images of the treatment plan to achieve utmost precision and accuracy of the implant prosthesis.
  • Implant Placement: Once the virtual planning is over, our team of experienced surgeons surgically & precisely place the implant, an artificial tooth root made of bio-compatible material – Titanium, in the jaw of the candidate.
  • Osseointegration: After the implant is placed in the jaw, it is left to wait for a period of time to get osseointegrate with the jaw bone. This process of osseointegration means – allowing the implant to get fused to the jaw bone in order to provide a firm, steady & a stable foundation to the restoration.
  • Placing of Abutment: After the process of osseointegration, a portion of the implant protrudes above the gum line upon which an abutment is screwed. This abutment is also made of Titanium that serves as a connector part between the final prosthesis & the dental implant. The abutment, apart from playing a role of a connector also plays a vital role in enhancing the precision, occlusion, functionality, angulation, stability & aesthetic appearance to the restoration.
  • Dental Impressions: After the placement of abutment, our team takes the digital & manual impressions of the teeth and the jaw to digitally design the final prosthesis. This done after considering the vital parameters of the oral structure like occlusion, shape & size of the jaw, teeth & their surroundings to give optimum result to the final restoration.
  • Final Restoration of Permanent Denture: Finally our Prosthodontist fit the final prosthesis by securing it over the Abutment with titanium screws and adjust the same to provide a comfortable and a stable fit.

Permanent denture provides a suitable solution to replace one or multiple teeth that are designed to give a pleasing aesthetics and function like a natural tooth. Unlike traditional or conventional removable dentures, permanent dentures are firmly secured permanently in the jaw just like natural teeth eliminating the need to be removed for cleaning or while sleeping.

Dental Implanter is a very sophisticated & advanced dental clinic of international standards with highly experienced dental specialists and skilled technicians where we undertake even the most complex of the cases and treat our patients with great passion & empathy. our elaborate range of dental treatment covers – same day dental implants, teeth in a single day, zygomatic implants, pterygoid implants, full mouth rehabilitation – all on 4 / all on 6 etc. our dedicated team strive for the excellence to ensure that our patients feel comfortable and are fully satisfied with our services. our fool proof regular post operative followups guarantees best results and complete satisfaction to the patients.

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