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Permanent denture is a suitable alternative for replacing single or multiple teeth that give pleasing aesthetics while functioning like natural teeth. Permanent dentures are permanently & firmly anchored in the jaw, which looks & functions just like natural teeth. Unlike traditional removable dentures, this solution eliminates the need to be removed for cleaning or during sleep.

Those seeking a long term permanent solution for a tooth loss, permanent denture offer various advantages that are listed below:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Permanent denture appears very much like a natural set of teeth making it difficult to differentiate. This attributes to the great enhancement of the aesthetic appearance of the individual while also increasing the confidence level and the quality of smile of the individual.
  • Enhanced Stability & Functionality: As permanent denture is firmly anchored to the implants, they do not move or slip during the oral functions like biting/chewing/speaking as is generally seen in the case of removable dentures. This attribute also enhances comfort & ease of use to the individual.
  • Improved Speech Control: The individual is able to control & improve his/her speech quality with permanent denture, as the denture, being firmly secured to the implants, does not shift or slip as in the case of removable denture. This helps in improving social (verbal) interaction & enhanced verbal communication.
  • Preservation of Jaw Bone & Oral Health: Another most important feature of permanent denture is, the dental implants used in this system helps controlling further bone loss, thus maintaining the facial integrity, the bone structure & density while stimulating bone growth as well. This feature helps maintaining a good oral hygiene too.
  • Durability and Longevity: Permanent denture is fabricated from superior quality material that is highly resistant to wear & tear unlike in the case of removable denture. This feature allows for superior strength, better strength & performance, longevity & stability, of the restoration. This attribute of Permanent Denture also eliminates the need for frequent replacements that is necessary in the case of removable dentures thus reducing the overall costs & frequent visits to the dentist.

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