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What Are Tilted Dental Implants or Tilted Implants

Tilted dental implants are also called tilted implants or angled implants. This is an innovative & digitally advanced technical procedure. At Dental Implanter, we place the implants in angulated positions between 30o to 45o degrees unlike the traditional procedure where the implants are placed vertically in the jaw bone in a perpendicular position. This procedure enables the utilization of available bone and minimizes the need for extensive bone grafting procedures.

This angulated approach allows for high precision restorative solutions where bone density is low or where oral anatomy is compromised as in such cases traditional implants do not succeed or is impossible. This technique is generally adopted in the areas where the bone volume is less, particularly in the regions of posterior maxilla. Tilted Implants have proven to be of great success providing immaculate aesthetics, great precision & stability, strength & longevity to the restoration as well as high levels of comfort to the individual as compared to conventional implants.

Advantages of Tilted Implants

There are various advantages of Tilted dental implants, primly the following:

  • Optimal Bone Utilization: Tilted implants enable optimized jaw bone usage in the cases where the bone volume is very less or in the cases of compromised anatomy. In these types of challenging cases it is just impractical or impossible to go ahead with traditional or conventional technique.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: As Tilted implants are customised & precisely designed considering the anatomy, shape, size and angle, they are anchored perfectly providing a stable and a strong foundation to the prosthetics. This allows for an enhanced and a pleasing aesthetics to the restoration.
  • Need for Bone Grafting Reduced: Tilted implants help in reducing the need for bone grafting to a great extent as this procedure allows for optimal usage of jaw bone, even where the bone density is very less. This feature results in reducing the cost, the chair time as well as the healing time.
  • Enhanced Stability: The Digital workflow, planning & designing ensures great accuracy of the implants and prosthetics while providing great stability, longevity & strength at the same time.
  • Versatility in Complex Cases: Tilted implants allow solving even the most complex cases while considering different anatomical variations, minimal bone density, compromised jaw bone, proximity to sinus etc. by providing a highly precise solution where traditional implants are not possible.

Dental Implanter is a very sophisticated & advanced dental clinic of international standards with highly experienced dental specialists and skilled technicians where we undertake even the most complex of the cases and treat our patients with great passion & empathy. our elaborate range of dental treatment covers – same day dental implants, teeth in a single day, zygomatic implants, pterygoid implants, full mouth rehabilitation – all on 4 / all on 6 etc. our dedicated team strive for the excellence to ensure that our patients feel comfortable and are fully satisfied with our services. our fool proof regular post operative followups guarantees best results and complete satisfaction to the patients.

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