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Guided Implantology

At Dental Implanter, we use “Guided Implantology” which is a revolutionary, precise and minimally invasive dental procedure. In this innovative procedure, we create virtual surgical plan and high precision surgical guides by the use of advanced technology such as 3D imaging and computer-aided design (CAD). The digitally fabricated surgical guides are used to navigate minimally invasive implant placement with great accuracy. This method allows for a customized treatment plan that considers bone structure and tissue to optimize implant placement. High precision Surgical Guides are used to follow the pre-determined plan during the procedure, reducing risk of errors and complications thus enhancing success, patient safety & comfort as well as reducing post-operative complications and recovery times.

Need For Guided Implantology

Guided dental implants are required to enhance the precision and safety of minimally invasive dental implant procedures. In this technique we use a very advanced 3D imaging and computer-guided systems to plan and precisely place the implants ensuring optimal results and minimizing potential complications. This approach enhances patient safety, reduces surgery time, and accelerates post-operative recovery. Guided dental implants also enable a more predictable and aesthetically pleasing outcome as they align perfectly with the patient’s bone structure and adjacent teeth

Benefits Of Guided Implantology

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