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What is an Immediate Implant?

An immediate implant is a dental procedure where a tooth is extracted and a dental implant is placed into the socket immediately after the extraction of the tooth. This procedure helps in preserving the jaw bone and the gum tissues while drastically reducing the time gap between the extraction and restoration. This seamless approach is very convenient, reduces the overall treatment period and provides pleasing aesthetics & oral functions in shorter time frame as compared to the delayed implant.

What is a Delayed Implant?

A delayed implant is a dental procedure in which a dental implant is surgically placed into the jawbone after waiting for a few weeks or sometimes even months (called as a healing period), followed by tooth extraction. This healing period helps the extraction site to recover, helps in regeneration of the bone as well as healing of gum tissues and also allow the bone to fuse with the surrounding tissue. Delayed implants are typically utilised when a patient’s jawbone needs more time to heal or when infections or other complications are required to be addressed prior to implant placement.

Benefits Of Immediate Implant Over Delayed Implant

Bone structure Helps in preserving bone mass & jaw shape while preventing bone resorption Chances of bone resorption are high which may reduce the bone mass and also change the shape of the jaw
Aesthetics Enhances the aesthetics as it preserves the soft tissues and maintain gingival contour Aesthetics may be compromised
Number of surgeries & visits Number of surgeries & visits are reduced drastically as immediate implant procedure is generally completed in a single visit Multiple surgeries & visits to the clinic are required as the implant is delayed for weeks or months together after the tooth extraction
Quick results Oral functionality & smile are restored immediately thus boosting patient’s confidence and satisfaction Longer wait for the restoration of oral functionality & smile due to delayed implant placement which may impact patient’s confidence & satisfaction adversely
Cost & time effectiveness Reduced visits to the clinic and lesser surgical process helps one save cost and precious time Increased number of visits & surgical process escalates the cost of treatment as well as time
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