What Are Tooth Implant?

Variety of options are available to improve the dental aesthetics and Dental Implants is one of the efficient ways to get the missing teeth back. In the past years, dentures and bridges are the only options in which the one tooth implant cost was excessive for a common. 

Thanks to dental implants that help individuals who have a missing tooth. Typically, dental implants are frames or metal posts that are inserted beneath the jawbone. These are a kind of foundation that provides a root for the natural teeth.

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Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande is a Prosthodontist & Implantologist. He is considered as one of the best digital dentist in India. He did his Bachelor in Dental Surgery degree from Sharad Pawar Dental college,Vardha, followed by Master in Dental Surgery in Prosthodontics & crown & bridge & implantology from Baba Banarasi Das Dental college, Lucknow. Further because of his passion for implants, he did his Ph.D in Implantology

Dr. Swapnil Pande is a very dedicated dental surgeon and dental implantologist with over 10 years of experience. He is trained in DIGITAL DENTISTRY. He is always into innovation and has developed his own technique to simplify implant prosthesis known as FIRE & FORGET. Updated and skilled with latest digital dentistry techniques and passionate about training other dental practitioners, he takes lectures pan India about advancements of digital dentistry.

He is also head of implant division at Dental Ceramist India pvt ltd. He is also chief implant prosthetic consultant and digital dentistry consultant at RR Dental lab, Hyderabad. He also does consultation for implants pan India for most difficult cases exclusively in Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore. He is also a consultant for implant in DUBAI.

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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants come with a range of benefits that prominently improve your dental aesthetics and the daily activities such as eating. The implants get directly embedded with the jawbone that provides the support for artificial teeth; however, single tooth implant cost is different from the full teeth replacement cost. For the cost check our pricing plans.

The dentures provide comfortability in fixing the bridges and dentures that easily prepare a foundation to hold the new replaced teeth or tooth. However, having good oral health is necessary for dental implants. Endosteal and subperiosteal implants are the popular types of implants used by folks to provide a root place for the artificial teeth. Anyone who loses their teeth can contact us for the new teeth price from Dental Implanter.

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Our Exceptional Services

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Teeth Implantation

Get long-lasting and high-quality replacement of teeth with our experienced dental implant surgeons.

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Dental Prosthetics

We are the experts who help you get back your teeth.



Install the braces from the Dental Implanters as we are the experts in straightening your teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

Let's make your teeth bright and shine with advanced dental treatment from the specialists at Dental Implanters.

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Smile Refining

We are smile creators who make you smile attractively that suit your face.

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Teeth Brushing

Do you have discoloured teeth? Let's make it healthy and hygienic without thinking about the expensive cost of full mouth dental implants.

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Dental Implanter is a team of highly qualified and certified professionals that offers non-invasive dental implant service with great care of patients. We saliently focus on:

  • Patients comfortability
  • Provide customer-centric services
  • Drive exceptional results

Our clinic is founded with a deep insight and great mission that establishes our name worldwide and makes us a top dentistry clinic. 

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Guaranteed Service

With our treatment, you just need to invest a single time and avail a long-term benefit. We offer over five years of guaranteed service and a lifetime warranty for dental implants. 

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High-Tech Dental Care

We offer you high-quality dental care with personal treatment. At Dental Implanter, you can get professionalism and transparent service simultaneously.

We use modern equipment and well-equipped surgical and implantation devices. We feature safe and secure treatment for permanent dental implant at a reasonable cost

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People highly rely on our treatment as we effectively created millions of painless smiles. We have years of excellence and have worked in this field for more than 14 years. We follow ethical practices to give reliable dental treatment.

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We are facilitating pocket-friendly dental services without any hidden charges and extra costs. You can also get an installation plan and possible loans for dental treatment at Dental Implanter. Don’t think about the tooth implant price as our treatment costs are suitable for you. 

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We Offer A Whole Range of Dental Solutions

Dental Implanter is committed to providing comprehensive dental treatment. Whether you are looking for long-term or short-term treatment, it's the place where you can get all the dental care.

Provide 24X7 Customer Support

We strive to make an environment that you can believe in; thus, we offer robust customer support. We are always available in your services; you can call us anytime for queries.

Technology-Oriented Dental Care​

Dental Implanter value latest technology. Therefore, we are a modern dental clinic featuring dental related treatments with digital microscopes, laser light, and much more.

How We Revive Your Smile?

We are a leading dentistry services provider and we care for your smile. We treat patients with innovative processes that ease their pain and transform their smiles amazingly.


Dental implantation is a dental cosmetic treatment in which the tooth roots get replaced. Implants give a strong foundation to fix the permanent or removable replacement teeth in a natural way.

The number of implants depends upon the number of missing teeth. If you desire to replace the complete upper and lower jaw, you require eight implants. 

Usually, dental implantation takes 1-2 hours to replace the teeth. Although the complete dental implantation procedure takes 3-6 months, and after that, your restored teeth get finalized. 

After the implantation process, it’s recommended to heal the implant area, and a three-month gap is required. However, the healing time depends on the condition of your teeth, so it can also take 3-6 months. 

The maintenance of implant or restored teeth is similar to the natural teeth. You should clean the implant teeth with the help of a brush and floss twice a day to make them clean and plaque-free. Plus, cleaning the implant teeth is essential after the meal.

We at Dental Implanter promise to give you cost-efficient treatment that doesn’t cause a burden on your pocket. However, dental implantation is a costly dentistry service, but we provide this treatment at a very reasonable price. 

There’s no upper age and age limit for dental implantation, but it is recommended to avoid teeth implantation before the age of 18. The esthetic age of tooth implant is 25-30 years old. 


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