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What are Screw Retained Zirconia Teeth?

This is a digitally customised dental restoration made from a biocompatible ceramic material called Zirconium Dioxide. Although zirconia is very light, it is very strong & extremely resistant to cracks or fractures. Thus, apart from the ability to withstand the occlusal forces that is created while biting or chewing, they also provide a pleasing aesthetics as they resemble natural teeth and blend well with the surrounding teeth.

How is Screw Retained Zirconia teeth made & fitted?

“Screw retained Zirconia teeth” is an innovative solution for dental restoration. It is custom fabricated using advance 3D CAD-CAM software which provides great accuracy and is highly precise. Zirconia teeth, which may be in the form of a crown or a bridge, are firmly secured to the Implants with the help of tiny bio-compatible Titanium screws. This quality gives the restorative implant prosthesis a strong, stable foundation as well as great aesthetics that can be easily removed & refitted for cleaning and for any sort of adjustments if at all it is required. This feature highly enhances the oral hygiene and comfort of use too.

Advantages of Screw Retained Zirconia Teeth

Screw-retained zirconia teeth are a popular choice among both dentists and patients as they come with many advantages. A few of them are mentioned hereunder:

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: As Screw-retained zirconia teeth resemble a lot to the natural teeth, thanks to their natural translucency, colour & shades, it is not easy to differentiate them from the natural teeth. As they are resistant to staining and corrosion they allow for great aesthetic results.
  1. Enhanced Stability & Precise Fit: The screw-retained Zirconia restoration provide enhanced strength & stability in comparison to traditional cemented restorations as they provide a secure & a precise fit on to the Dental implant. This feature enhanced stability & strength that eliminates the risk of slipping and loosening of the prosthesis while talking, biting or chewing, thus offering the comfort of use.
  1. Easy Maintenance: It is very easy to maintain the Screw-retained Zirconia restoration as the prosthetics can be removed easily, without compromising the entire implant restoration, for the purpose of cleaning and for doing any minor adjustments that may be required over a period of time
  1. Enhanced Oral Hygiene & reduced risk of Peri-Implant Infections: Screw retained Zirconia teeth allow for a very good oral health as they eliminate or reduce the risks of bacterial infections or Peri-Implant infections in the areas surrounding the implant site. This feature contributes towards the success of the implant in the long run, by proving a healthier environment for Peri-Implant soft tissues & maintaining the integrity of the surrounding soft and hard tissues, thus lowering the risk of inflammation of gums and other implant-related complications
  1. Reduced Cement-Related Complications: As there is no cement used in this novel procedure, it clearly eliminates the risks of Peri-Implant complications posed by cement retained prosthesis like excess cement residues in and near the implant sites which causes inflammation & damages to the surrounding tissues of the implant site.

Hence, while offering a pleasing aesthetics, a good oral health, comfort, screw retained Zirconia teeth is also a long lasting durable solution to the dental restoration that makes this procedure highly popular & successful,

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