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Pterygoid Implants

Pterygoid implants are considered to be a complicated form of dental implant surgery, which is done only by a highly specialised dentist who is required to undergo a specialised training and learn precise surgical techniques and expertise in order to do this procedure. At Dental Implanter this procedure is conducted by a team of highly skilled, experienced dental surgeons who have specialised in Pterygoid implant surgery thus ensuring a very high success rate with minimal risks and complications.

What Is A Pterygoid Implant?

A pterygoid implant is a type of dental implant that is carefully placed with great precision in the pterygoid region of the jawbone situated behind the maxillary sinus in the skull.

Why Pterygoid Implant Is Necessitated?

Pterygoid Implants are preferred in cases where there is insufficient bone or insufficient bone density in the front part of the upper jaw, also called posterior maxilla, to support traditional or conventional implants. This implant is done to replace missing teeth in the posterior maxilla in order to provide a stable and a strong anchor for dentures & prosthetics. As compared to conventional dental implants they are typically longer and wider. Apart from these features, they also are precisely angled differently to accommodate the unique anatomy of the pterygoid region.

Benefits Of Pterygoid Implants

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