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What’s a guided dental implant prosthesis?


In dental world, a Guided Dental Implant refers to the procedure where we use digital data to plan, design & execute the dental implant in a highly precise manner. The entire process of compilation of the digital data is done by utilizing a very advanced computer aided technology.

The following are the step by step process for a guided implant.

  • Digital Imaging Data: First step is to collect & compile the digital imaging data of the oral anatomy of the patient, i.e. the teeth & their surroundings and the jaw bone. This process is done to create 3D images of the patient’s oral anatomy by using an advance and specialized software through CT (Computed Tomography) scans or CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) of the patient’s mouth.
  • Virtual Planning: Next, these 3D images are used to develop a virtual model which is used for the planning of perfect placement of the implant in the patient’s jaw. This precise planning is done with the help of specialized software by considering the patient’s oral anatomy like the density of the bone, the point of implant placement & its surrounding structures.
  • Creating The Surgical Guide: Now comes the most important part of the Guided Implant Procedure – creation of a Surgical Guide. Based of the virtual planning, a high precision customized surgical guide is designed using specialized software. This surgical guide is designed taking into the consideration the length, width & the angulation of the implant in line with the predicted plan of the implant placement. It serves as a tool for the surgeon to precisely guide and accurately place the implant as per the plan.
  • Placing the Implant: Once the surgical guide is ready, the surgeon places the implant in the jaw bone with great ease & accuracy using this patient-customized guide. This process greatly enhances the success & predictability while reducing the error margins and risk of complications to a great extent.
  • Final Prosthesis: Lastly, after the guided implant procedure is completed, the abutments & final prosthesis like crown, bridge or denture are secured to the implant.


The guided implants are widely preferred due to various benefits in carries which are asunder:

Benefits of guided implant placement include:

  • High Precision: As the surgical guides are designed and created using highly advanced & specialized software, they provide great accuracy to the angulation, size & length of the implant.
  • Ease of Implant Placement: The great precision of the guide helps the surgeon in placing even the most complicated implant with ease and accuracy.
  • Reduced Risk: As the planning and the positioning of the implant are executed with the help of the high precision guide, the margin of error and complications are eliminated to a great extent.
  • Shorter Surgery Time: As this procedure is done using advanced computer aided technology, the overall surgery time is reduced
  • Long Lasting: The accurate implant placement due to the high precision guide attributes to the strong and long lasting implant prosthesis.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The precision guided implant prosthesis ensures a comfortable solution as well as enhancing aesthetics.


To sum up, this cutting edge procedure provides the patient a complete package of long lasting benefits like, to re-invent their normal oral functions, accuracy & aesthetics, self-confidence and comfort.

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