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What is Zygomatic Implant?

Zygomatic Implant is one of the most sophisticated dental implant where instead of placing the implant in the jaw bone the implant is firmly anchored in the area of the cheekbone called “ZYGOMA”. This procedure is used when the bone mass in the maxilla or the upper jaw is negligent or nil as the lack of bone density will not give enough support that is required for an implant to be strong and long lasting.

As compared to the conventional implants, zygomatic implants, which are made of a bio-compatible material – Titanium, are longer and thicker that allows them to be firmly anchored in the cheek bone which is the strongest part of the mouth. This innovative technique provides a strong & long lasting foundation for the dental restorations.

Zygomatic implant can be done only by a well-trained specialist who has undergone a specialised training in this field as this is a very complex procedure. This technique is based on the anatomy of the person, that involves a precise positioning of the implant at a particular angle, through the gum tissue and finally to the zygoma or the cheekbone under local anaesthesia..

Zygomatic implant is the best option for the cases where there is severe bone resorption in maxilla or the upper jaw due to trauma or periodontal diseases or where traditional implant is not possible due to the anatomy of the person’s mouth like shallow sinus cavity.

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