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Is dental implant surgery painful?

Is dental implant surgery painful?

Is dental implant surgery painful?

If you are worried about the implant surgery and questions are running in your mind before surgery. Will it be a comfortable procedure? What if I get panicked due to pain? Will any complications happen? Will surgery be painful?

All these questions must be arising somewhere in your mind. Firstly, don’t worry about anything. Get to know the process from start to end, and you will get the answers yourself.

The procedure of dental implant surgery:

Consult the doctor

Firstly, you need to consult a professional, experienced doctor for your surgery. Show the doctor where implants need to be placed and tell him about your medical conditions and allergies if they exist. Make all the tests, X-rays, and examinations done before the surgery to avoid any complications.

Removal of damaged/cracked tooth and bone grafting

It will not be a one-day procedure. There will be sittings after this procedure. The whole process takes from 5 months to a year. Then, the doctor will remove the damaged or cracked tooth and give it some time to get healed. Bone grafting should be done because it is one of the common causes of implant failure.

Placing dental implant

After healing, the implant is placed on the gap. Drilling is done in the jawbone to fix the implant in it. The tiny screw made of metal is inserted into the jawbone, which will work as the tooth’s root. It will take around five to six months for the implant to get adequately fixed with the jawline.

Placement of healing cap

A cap is placed on the implant, and it will help the gum tissues to heal. This healing cap helps the gum and implant to get ready for the crown, bridge, or tooth to be placed on it. This healing process takes 15-20 days.

Temporary implant placement

After completing around 20 days, the doctor removes the cap from the implant and places a temporary crown on it to let the tissues heal for some more time to avoid any infections or failure.

Permanent implant placement

After a few weeks, when the implant is made, the doctor places the crown on the jawbone where he sets the screw.

All sittings together take months to complete, but it is a gentle process. It only takes a longer time for the healing to avoid surgery failure.

Is the implant placement procedure painful?

The procedure takes months to get complete. Pain depends upon many factors. It is a painless procedure, but it can become painful in some cases.

  • There is no pain while performing the surgery by a doctor because they give local anesthesia so that the patient cannot feel the procedure’s pain.
  • Pain can occur on the jawbone after any procedure is done when the effect of anesthesia starts vanishing.
  • You can feel uncomfortable after the procedure due to gum swelling or irritation in the jaw.
  • Pain can occur if you do not take proper care of your dental implant area during the months of the procedure. Some patients get injuries in the implant area due to chewing hard food or accidents during the months of the process.
  • Pain also depends upon how the doctor treats the patient. The patient’s circumstances are different, like some have poor hygiene, medical issues, smoking habit, or weak gums after some time after getting treatment for it.

Checklist for painless treatment

  • It will be a painless treatment if you are healthy in all aspects or are getting treated.
  • You have strong and thick jawbones.
  • No tobacco, drugs, or smoking
  • Good oral hygiene maintained
  • No medical issue that can cause trouble in the healing process
  • Gums are powerful
  • No damaged blood vessels near the implant area
  • No infectious disease
  • No cancer or diabetes

It is the perfect checklist for a painless treatment, and you can get these all things checked by getting an examination done before the surgery.


Dental implant surgery is not a painful procedure before anesthesia is injected into the patient during any treatment. To save yourself from pain, follow the instructions given by the doctor and get properly examined. In most cases, dental implant surgery is a painless surgery.

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Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande is a BDS & MDS in teeth replacement and implantology (prosthodontics). He has been practicing as an implantologist, smile designer & consultant in Bandra and Mira Bhayandar.

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