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Why Shouldn’t You Ignore Missing Teeth?

Missing Teeth

After the removal of a tooth or missing tooth, there is a risk of so many problems. The most common problem is related to aesthetics. Losing a tooth may lead to embarrassment and low self-confidence. 

Apart from beauty and aesthetics, so many serious medical conditions can occur due to missing teeth. Let’s talk about some complications that may arise because of missing space or teeth in the socket. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore your missing teeth. 

1. Chances of teeth shifting towards the missing tooth area

Well, teeth have a habit or tendency of shifting towards the adjacent missing space. And a gap starts to be visible by the shifting and causes malocclusion. Malocclusion is the improper alignment of the lower and upper teeth. However, there is no pain in teeth shifting because it’s a gradual process that takes time to shift until it crosses through your other teeth or gums.

2. Supraerupted teeth

Another issue related to missing space is supra erupted tooth. Super erupted tooth is a condition when the missing tooth is not restored, a growth of tooth continues outwardly, and it does not stop until there is a resistance.

  • Supraerupted teeth cause difficulty while cleaning the teeth
  • Causes cheek and gum biting
  • Leads to food lodgement
  • Chances of gum or mouth infection

3. Resorption of bone

The jaw bone is maintained by applying chewable pressure on the tooth. When the adult teeth are missing, the jaw loses its impulse, which leads to the reabsorption of bone. Around 1/4 of the bone reabsorbs after tooth removal, and it continues until tooth replacement.

4. Gum recession or disease

Missing spaces gradually create problems. Due to the absence of teeth or support, you will start to experience gum recession along with bone loss.

When a tooth breaks, it causes a wound in your gums that may act as a ground for breeding different bacteria or viruses. No teeth gums are more prone to infections.

So, it’s important not to ignore gums with no teeth to avoid any further complications or diseases in your mouth. It simply means if you lose your teeth, you are more vulnerable to infections or diseases caused by viruses or bacteria. That’s why it’s important to cover the space with an implant or denture. 

The diseases in your gums will not only be inconvenient, weird, or painful but, gums will start decaying after a few days or a couple of months. It will be an even more painful situation for your maxillary health. It may also affect your adjacent tooth, which will lead to the loss of another tooth. 

Moreover, you might be surprised to know that the diseases in gums can adversely affect your heart too. It is also harmful to the diabetic person. It simply means the missing tooth will not be limited to the infection of the gums, but it can adversely affect your overall health condition. 

5. Difficulty During Eating

Missing teeth cause problems while eating foods such as burgers, pizzas, meat, etc. It may irritate you while chewing or may cause pain.

6. Difficulty in speech 

Tooth loss or missing adult teeth may alter your words’ pronunciation during speech. If you are having front missing, then you might get embarrassed and have low self-esteem.

To Sum Up

Never ignore your missing teeth because it may cause many complications in your gum, your overall health, and your life. You may also lose the bone mass of your jaw because the jawbone requires stimulation to maintain its shape or mass. And they get it from your teeth’ movement. If there are no teeth, you will start losing your bone mass. And ultimately, the shape of your face will start changing. 

It will significantly affect your look by creating instability in the jaw, decreasing the gum’s ability to support other teeth. Therefore, you can choose the option of a dental implant as your tooth-replacement option if you want to avoid teeth shifting or missing adult teeth. It will help you to fill the gap between your teeth. It will provide strength to the adjacent teeth also.

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Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande is a BDS & MDS in teeth replacement and implantology (prosthodontics). He has been practicing as an implantologist, smile designer & consultant in Bandra and Mira Bhayandar.

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