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What are mini dental implants?

Mini Dental Implant

Are you unable to undergo dental implant invasive surgery? The option of mini implants may be the best suited for you. Or, in case you don’t have a jaw bone in your mouth, you can go with the option of a mini dental implant. It acts almost the same as a normal dental implant performs.

But how much does a mini dental implant cost you? Before you move ahead towards the cost, let’s first understand what mini dental implants are.

The mini implant comes smaller in size; that’s why it is even more convenient and has some supplementary benefits. In mini implants, fewer sittings are required to complete the surgery process then hence, the process takes less time. 

By the end, you will also learn the basic difference between mini and conventional dental implants. And also, how do you take care of the mini implants? 

What are mini dental implants?

A mini dental implant is a technique used for teeth replacement in dentistry, consisting of a one-piece screw and ball-shaped end. It sticks out from the mandible. Its screw has a diameter of less than 3 mm, which perfectly fits where the conventional implants can’t be fitted.

The insertion of a mini dental implant is the same as the standardized dental implant. 

  • The required surgical site is induced by local anesthesia. 
  • An incision is made in the gums to uncover the jawbone.
  • By drilling the bone, the mini implants are placed into the jaw bone. 
  • After placing the implants, closure of the incision is done by stitching. 
  • When the patient is in the healing process, temporary teeth are given to them.
  • Once the surgical site is healed, the procedure steps forward to the next, involving the patient’s impression taking for the permanent teeth. 
  • After taking the impression, the doctor sends it to the implant-making company that designs a perfect crown for your teeth. Then finally, the crown is placed on the abutment.

Mini Dental Implants Cost

While talking about the mini dental implants cost, it can vary because of many factors. However, 

  • The average range for each implant is 500-1500 dollars. 
  • For a complete denture, the implantation cost is around 12000-30000 dollars.
  • For One unit (4-6 teeth), mandible charges can be around 2000-5000 dollars.  

In a nutshell, the exact cost cannot be determined. You will have to see a dentist for the entire process. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of Mini Implants

  • Based on the material quality of dental implants, the charges can vary.
  • The charges for multiple implantations in a single visit are less as compared to multiple visit implantation.
  • The price can also vary from patient to patient according to their condition. If the patient’s case is complicated, more diagnosis is required, which includes ct scans, x rays, etc.
  • In metropolitan cities or big cities, the implantation and implant charges may be high.
  • An experienced or senior specialist can charge you a bit more for the implantation.

How are mini dental implants different from traditional dental implants?

  • Mini dental implants are inserted into the bone. However, the insertion is under the bone in a conventional dental implant.
  • Mini and conventional dental implants vary in size, and mini dental implants are smaller than conventional ones.
  • A mini dental implant helps in providing stabilization to conventional dental implants.
  • Mini implants require less time in the surgical procedure because of their small size. The healing process after mini implants surgery is also faster than conventional dental implants.
  • The mini dental implant is more economical than the standardized dental implant.
  • In durability, standard dental implants are more long-lasting than mini dental implants.
  • Sometimes, two mini dental implants are required for support, which is equal to one conventional dental implant. It means mini and conventional dental implants differ in strength too.
  • A conventional dental implant requires multiple visits to the clinic, and mini dental implants can be fixed in a single visit.

Final Words

While talking about the caring process of mini dental implants, it is the same as your natural teeth. You have to brush your teeth twice a day, floss after meals, use mouthwash, etc. A regular dental checkup is a must. If you develop plague, then use toothpaste which contains fluoride. The dentist does ultrasonic scaling (cleaning of teeth) in the condition of calculus.

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Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande is a BDS & MDS in teeth replacement and implantology (prosthodontics). He has been practicing as an implantologist, smile designer & consultant in Bandra and Mira Bhayandar.

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