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Indian Celebrities With Dental Implants

Celebrities with Dental Implants

When we talk about repairing lost or broken teeth, one has various alternatives. Dental implants, on the other hand, stand out from the crowd. It has advantages that other cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as denture or bridging, do not.

Throughout this world, the very first image of a person is primarily formed on aesthetic appeal. From ideology to physical features, looks are one of the most important sources of self-assurance. A dental malfunction, for example, creates a significant disparity in a person’s self-belief. Dental implants are a lifesaver in circumstances like this.

Many bollywood actresses consider teeth surgeries for their broken or lost teeth. In the event of chronic periodontitis, an injury, or any other reason, these prosthetics are the nearest thing to having better and healthier, organic-looking teeth. 

Eventually, it allows one to chew, grin, giggle, chat, and go about everyday routines without feeling worried about your appearance.

What exactly are dental inserts?

Dental inserts or implants are screws made of titanium that are anchored in the jaw. Such metal implants support an enamel or a set of dentures. Dental implantation is a type of surgery that functions as an assistance interface here between the jawbone and the rest of the skull.

The procedure is categorized as a restorative dentistry anchor for dental restorations such as dentures, facial prostheses, as well as crowns and bridges. It is popularly referred to as Osseointegration.

Indian Celebrities That Have Had Dental Implantation

Cosmetic dentistry prosthetics have found their way into the business where aesthetic appeal is among the most influential marketing points and characteristics for the main actors. One can see a huge difference in the photos of Bollywood celebrities’ teeth before and after the implantations.

Celebrities from all around the globe have embraced this process, making news with increased self-esteem, self-belief, and competence.

Following is a list of Indian celebrities with fake teeth who have had dental implantation:

  • Divya Dutta is an Indian celebrity and actor who undertook Zental gentle dental treatment and dental implant surgery with incredible results.
  • Yuvraj Singh is a well-known Indian cricketer, got the procedure at The Dental Rooms.
  • Jassi Gill, a well-known singer/actor linked to Punjabi-Hindi linguistic music and cinema, had a dental implant operation.
  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the Bollywood actress, dancer, and movie producer who has become a global star, had a dental operation.
  • Aditya Pancholi, a Hindi performer, filmmaker, and background singer, had dental surgery.
  • Bhagwant Mann, a Punjabi standup comic, underwent dental implant treatment.

Dental Implant Procedure

The process for implant placement takes a few months to complete. Before the process, you should consult with a dentist, who will recommend a detailed check. X-rays will need to be taken in order to devise a strategy for the prosthesis.

A surgery date is set once the blueprint has been ascertained and the patient has been examined to ensure that he or she is in excellent condition. The implantation procedure takes place in a dentist clinic overseen by a group of restorative dentistry-trained expert oral surgeons. 

Is Dental Work Regarding Implantations Secure?

Dental implants have been used for almost 50 years. As a result, it is regarded as a risk-free replacement technique. The results may change depending on the individuals’ health.

Dental implants may involve some risks; hence, why it’s important to satisfy the eligibility requirements given by the doctor before undergoing the treatment. You must have good oral hygiene and sufficient bone density to support the implant in order to be considered for the procedure. Saying no to smoking definitely goes in your favor when it comes to getting a dental implant.

The implantation procedure is intended to cover for the lost tooth in a safe manner, keeping your other dentures from migrating into the gaps left behind. When compared to certain other tooth potential replacements, dental implants have fewer difficulties. Because implants are specially designed to match the structure of your jaw, hence they do not shift.


The secret to a good dental implant is consulting with a specialized dentist to determine the safest technique to obtain a strong dental prosthetic. Maintaining healthy gum anatomy and refraining from cigarettes are two important methods to adapt to the operation.

These groundbreaking dental implants, which were developed in 1952, have proven to be a benefit in orthodontic surgeries. The technique has now become a redeeming feature for individuals with dental catastrophes since it is the most secure of all dental procedures, cost-effective, and involves limited to curable treatments.

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Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande

Dr. Swapnil Pande is a BDS & MDS in teeth replacement and implantology (prosthodontics). He has been practicing as an implantologist, smile designer & consultant in Bandra and Mira Bhayandar.

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